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White-label DIY

Our new white-label solution to help you generate more leads, grow your customer base and expand the funnel for DIWM & DIFM sales

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The DIY market

36% of small businesses prefer building a website themselves. More business owners want to ‘try-before-they-buy’ their website. This is especially true for the small business SaaS customers.

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The DIY opportunity

Invest in a DIY funnel with Mono to: 

  • Generate more leads
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Lower the cost of sales
  • Grow your customer base to include users that prefer DIY
  • Expand your customer funnel for your DIWM/DIFM solutions
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Mono white-label DIY includes

DIY website builder

A do-it-yourself (DIY) version of Mono’s cutting-edge, white-label website builder, including quick styling, predefined rows, pages and more

Account center

A built-in account center including user profile, website plans, domain management, customer invoices & billing information

Dynamic dashboard

A dynamic dashboard to prompt user engagement & upgrades, cross-sell offerings & show statistics on website performance

White-label assistance

A white-label DIY academy to encourage engagement by the small business, as well as in-tool guides and getting started video

Conversion-driven experience

Built-in upgrade prompts to encourage users to convert from a trial to a paid website, or upgrade to a serviced-based offering

Turnkey integrations

Integrations of drip campaign and billing providers, such as Mailchimp and Stripe, to stay-in-touch with users and accept payments

Guidance by Mono

Our team will provide guide and advise you on your DIY go-to-market strategy, including market analysis, marketing setup and more

Lead generation for DIWM & DIFM

Generate better leads for your sales reps, such expired trials or fail-to-publish, and upsell to your serviced-based DIWM & DIFM offerings

And more features...

More features to help you succeed with a DIY solution including data on user engagement statistics, behavioral metrics, and more!

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